TA3$ (Tae Money) - Songwriter, Artist, Performer

TA3$ aka (Tae Money)

TA3$ (pronounced tae money) is an independent artist and CEO from Danville, Virginia. Began writing his own material between the ages of 12-13. That same year he teamed up with highschool homies to record and release their debut group album titled, 3rd Degree "Interpretation." A decade later, TA3$ would begin his solo grind as he marked his first performance at the Coast 2 Coast: Industry Mixer in Charlotte, NC on May 8th, 2012. Later, in the Fall of that same year, he would go on to release his debut solo album, "Global Warning" on November, 20th. A major milestone in his career, following the release he has been featured in Makin' It Magazine twice as a rising star. A year later he continued to introduce new fans to his brand, performing at the A&R Showcase at Lotus Lounge in Greensboro, NC Oct. 27th, 2013. His single "Goin' Dumb" was also filmed that night and released as his first official video.



Featured in Makin It Magazine issue #21 pg. 27 as a rising